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Welcome to the Multisource Feedback Tool for Supervisors/Educators.

Before you start:
  • This Assessment is completed entirely online and is automated to send communications to you and your raters (your supervisees) via email with instructions, reminders and status updates.
  • The final report will be produced automatically following a lapse period of 28 days if sufficient raters have responded and your self-assessment is complete.
  • You will need the names and email addresses of supervisees who you are currently supervising or have supervised over the past year.
  • You will need to have discussed the assessment process with them and gained their approval for submitting their personal details.
  • For a Limited Assessment you will need to have feedback from at least 3 Supervisees. Preferably a minimum of 5 responses (full assessment) from your raters is required to provide statistically accurate feedback.
  • The Assessment will take a minimum of 28 days from registration, but can be held open for a maximum of 2 years in order for you to nominate future supervisees.
  • You will be asked to complete a “Self-assessment” as part of this process, that must be completed before a final report can be produced.
Please choose the assessment you are looking to complete: